About Us

The GreenSCIES consortium is led by LSBU and has a wide range of experience and expertise across Smart Local Energy Systems (SLES). Our team has experience in large infrastructure projects, heating and cooling networks, renewable energy, artificial intelligence, developing new business models and engagement with local communities. The Centre also has a broad range of associated organisations including those shown below.

Our People: the LSBU Centre of Excellence team

Our key personnel include:

Chairman – Prof Graeme Maidment

Graeme MaidmentGraeme is Professor of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration at London South Bank University. His specialist areas include:

  • Refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Cooling of the London Underground
  • Ground source energy systems
  • Refrigerant leakage and emissions

Graeme has 30 years of experience in refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC). He started his career as an apprentice with J & E Hall Ltd, and has since focused on improving the sustainability of RAC systems, technology and skills. He is a Fellow and past Chair of the Institute of Refrigeration and currently chairs its Sustainable Innovation in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning steering group.

He leads LSBU’s research in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and teaches in the Department of Urban Engineering and was the Project Director of the Innovate UK GreenSCIES project, which led to the creation of the Centre of Excellence.

Centre Director – Dr Akos Revesz

Akos ReveszDr Akos Revesz is responsible for managing, directing and monitoring the overall performance of the GreenSCIES Centre of Excellence in Smart Local Energy Systems. Dr Revesz is Senior Research Fellow at LSBU, where he holds technical leadership roles in the area of decarbonisation. He works across a number of complex and ambitious energy projects related to energy efficiency, waste heat recovery, and district heating & cooling.

Centre of Excellence Consultancy and Training Associates

The Centre of Excellence can draw on a wide range of specialist consultancy and training experts, many of whom have worked with LSBU or the GreenSCIES project. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Heating & cooling
  • e-Mobility
  • Flexibility and Electricity markets
  • Stakeholder & community engagement
  • Design and architectural services

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