Animation: Our Timeline to Carbon Neutrality

Islington is planning to be carbon neutral by 2030, which will mean changes to the way we heat our homes and move around. The animation below shows our timeline to reach this ambitious target, building on the GreenSCIES project.

Islington and GreenSCIES are working together to develop a smart local energy system to cut carbon emissions and improve air quality. Renewable and alternative energy sources will provide heating, power and electric vehicle charging. The animation shows clearly the difference between what will happen if we do nothing and if we implement the GreenSCIES project fully. By 2025, we will be using recovered local waste heat, soon followed by electric vehicle charging points. By 2028 there will be more power from localised renewable sources replacing that from distant coal and gas power stations, and by 2030 district heating using local waste heat will out compete gas, helping to make Islington a carbon neutral borough.