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As we develop the Centre of Excellence, this is the place to find additional resources, including articles and academic or conference papers. Among the topics we expect to provide resources are:

  • Carbon savings – combat climate change and lower emissions through low carbon technologies in heat, power and transport.
  • Cost savings – share and recycle resources such as secondary waste heat, between buildings in a neighbourhood, contributing to an extremely efficient system and creating cost savings for end consumers.
  • Energy security – intelligently link and optimise local energy supply, storage and use, reducing peak load and minimising the risk of power cuts.
  • Air quality – clean, renewable energy and EVs, limiting emissions of harmful pollutants and creating a healthier local environment.
  • Fuel poverty alleviation – provide affordable warmth through savings on consumer bills for large numbers of residents.
  • Community empowerment – co-design with residents, businesses and other stakeholders, ensuring the local community is engaged with and benefits from its energy system.
  • District heating and heat pumps, including fifth generation low temperature heat networks
  • Mobility, with an emphasis on smart and electrified systems

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