Training by the Centre of Excellence

Training by the Centre of ExcellenceWe offer bespoke training courses and also standard short courses within the following subject areas:

  1. Decarbonisation of heat in the UK
  2. SLES Feasibility / Local Area Energy Planning – Heat, Power, Mobility
    • Local Area Assessment
    • Data Mapping and collection
    • Technology evaluation
    • Sector coupling across heat, power and mobility
    • Techno-economic modelling of integrated Smart Local Energy Systems (SLES)
    • GIS mapping of SLES
  1. District Heat Networks & Heat Pumps
    • Introduction to Heat Networks
    • CIBSE CP1 – Heat networks: Code of Practice for the UK (2020)
    • Combined H&C heat pumps for District Heat Networks (DHNs)
    • Secondary heat sources for DHNs
    • Modelling & Techno-economic assessment of DHNs (ePRO)
    • Detailed mechanical and hydraulic design of DHNs
  1. e-Mobility
    • Introduction to electric vehicles (EVs) and Mobility
  1. Energy system policies
    • Review
    • DHN Regulations and policy development
    • Flexibility and electricity markets
  1. Stakeholders and community
    • Introduction to Engagement with communities for SLES

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