GreenSCIES Centre of Excellence in Smart Local Energy Systems

GreenSCIES Centre of Excellence logoThe GreenSCIES Centre of Excellence has recently been established by the GreenSCIES project consortium members and holds vast experience developing integrated Smart Local Energy Systems (SLESs) for urban communities. Ensuring fair access to energy and addressing fuel poverty are all central to the Centre’s Strategy. The GreenSCIES CoE aims to support Local Authorities (and other organisations) across the UK on the route to net zero through strategic decision making support. In doing so, the CoE accelerates the development and roll-out of SLES integrating heat, power and mobility. In addition to strategic consultancy, the CoE provides additional service strands in the areas of training and education.

Ultimately, the CoE aims to accelerate the development and roll-out of Net-Zero Integrated SLES across the UK.

The GreenSCIES Centre of Excellence team provide:

  • Training
  • Consultancy

The consortium has a wide range of skills around Smart Local Energy Systems across the following areas:

  • Heating & Cooling
  • Energy storage
  • e-Mobility
  • Power
  • Communities
  • Stakeholder mapping & engagement
  • Flexibility and electricity markets
  • Techno-economic simulations
  • Sector coupling
  • Smart controls
  • Detailed design & architecture

What is GreenSCIES?

Funded by Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) through the Government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund on Prospering From the Energy Revolution. Based on a ground-breaking project delivering a detailed design that integrates low carbon technologies across heat, power and mobility. GreenSCIES is a consortium of 15 partners led by London South Bank University (LSBU) and the London Borough of Islington (LBI). The project is funded by Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) through the Government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund on Prospering From the Energy Revolution. The project aimed to develop innovative technical and business model approaches to provide an energy system that will significantly reduce carbon emissions, consumer bills and local pollution. GreenSCIES is a community-based project with wide stakeholder engagement including local residents, businesses and policymakers.

— and how will this relate to Net Zero?

The Smart Local Energy System (SLES) concept aligns well with most of London’s Local Authorities.  Many councils have established a progressive strategy toward energy and environment issues with local policies seeking to minimise pollution and carbon emissions. Since 2018 approximately three-quarters of all local councils across the UK have formally declared a climate emergency and more than half of them have set a goal of reaching net-zero carbon emissions locally by 2030 or sooner. But there is still considerable uncertainty about what a climate emergency declaration is, how to develop a robust action plan and what technical/commercial interventions can be implemented in their local areas. The GreenSCIES Centre of Excellence will support councils, advisors and citizens with the skills and knowledge to make these policies and plans a reality.

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