GreenSCIES presents at the ASHRAE Conference

Graeme Maidment speaking at the February 2023 ASHRAE Conference

Cat Marques speaking at the February 2023 ASHRAE Conference

Henrique Lagoeiro speaking at the 2023 ASHRAE Conference

Professor Graeme Maidment, Dr Henrique Lagoeiro and Dr Caterina Marques were all given the opportunity of speaking at the 2023 ASHRAE Winter Conference, held from 4-8 February 2023 in Atlanta, Ga. The trio explained to an attentive audience the principles behind the GreenSCIES project and how it can meet the heating challenge in the UK, through providing support to local authorities. Professor Maidment observed that connecting up residential estates is a no brainer, but that the private residential sector is a challenging area to decarbonise. The initial GreenSCIES study compared district heating with individual air source heat pumps, and found that both technologies have significant challenges around practicality, cost and – especially in inner London – the heritage status of buildings. They are also economically difficult to justify compared to the costs of gas boilers, but this is changing as gas prices rocket, and we need to find ways to decarbonise all areas and building types. Heat networks can also unlock the potential of waste heat recovery in cities.

Each of the experts from London South Bank University presented a technical paper:

  • Professor Maidment’s paper was in the session on the Application of HVAC and Refrigeration Equipment, explaining the Importance of Heat Pump Coefficients of Performance (CoP) in the Economics of 5th Generation District Heating and Cooling Networks.
  • Dr Lagoeiro presented in the session on Energy Clustering and Energy Recovery, with two papers. The first focussed on ways of Evaluating the Benefits of Recovering Waste Heat from Electrical Transformers and the second on Heat Recovery Opportunities from Wastewater Treatment Plants.
  • Dr Marques spoke on Meeting Net Zero Carbon Emissions Targets: A Case Study Tailored to Local Industry as part of the Session on Pathways to Net Zero Carbon.