News: GreenSCIES Shortlisted at Decentralised Energy Awards

GreenSCIES partner Silver EMS and the GreenSCIES consortium have been shortlisted for the Integrated Energy Award at the prestigious Association of Decentralised Energy (ADE) Decentralised Energy Awards 2020.

The awards are an opportunity to celebrate the people and organisations going above and beyond to provide innovative energy solutions towards a low carbon future and improved user experience. This category looks to reward innovation, celebrating new ideas and products that will advance the sector.

The nomination recognises GreenSCIES’s (Green Smart Community Integrated Energy Systems) ambitious aims to deliver a revolutionary low-cost, smart energy grid integrating low carbon technologies across heat, power and mobility. The GreenSCIES vision is to supply over 11,000 homes and 70 local businesses in the London Borough of Islington through a fifth generation district heating network which will harvest waste heat to supply heat pumps integrated with a smart grid, battery storage and vehicle to grid (V2G) charging points. The scheme will use a wide range of waste-heat sources (including a London Underground ventilation shaft, and two data centres) to share heating and cooling between buildings. GreenSCIES’s collaborative approach places user engagement at its heart to create a scalable blueprint that aims to deliver carbon savings of over 80% and lower consumer bills.

The award winners will be announced in Spring 2021

Full showcase video:

Shortlisted at the 2020 Decentralised Energy Awards