GreenSCIES Video Clips

GreenSCIES partners are really enthusiastic about the project and the work they are doing on it. This page includes a number of short video clips in which partners summarise their involvement and how they are contributing to a lower carbon future.

System Overview – LSBU and Hanger 19

Graeme Maidment and Cat Marques of London South Bank University (LSBU) are joined by Chloe Hampton of Hangar 19 to explain in this short video how the GreenSCIES concept integrates renewable energy and waste heat with a heat pump on EV charging into an innovative energy system.

Cullinan Studio

Alex Fell of Cullinan Studio explains how they are managing the architectural integration of GreenSCIES into Islington’s existing cityscape.

Repowering London

Eva Goudouneix of Repowering London describes how GreenSCIES is ensuring excellent community engagement.

Islington Council

Rodrigo Matabuena of Islington council explains how the GreenSCIES project will contribute to the borough’s target of becoming carbon neutral by 2030