GreenSCIES wins Integrated Energy Award

The GreenSCIES consortium led by Silver EMS has been awarded winner of the category of Integrated Energy for the 2021 Association of Decentralised Energy Awards.

Speaking after receiving the award, Dr Anthony Riddle, Technical Director of SilverEMS said “We are delighted to accept this award on behalf of the GreenSCIES team and wish to thank all the consortium partners and technology partners within the supply chain who have invested huge effort to date in delivering what we hope will be a highly successful project outcome.

“Amongst these, we’d like to give a special mention to Hysopt, whose software and technical support is unlocking for us the ability to model the complex system hydraulics and control requirements within the ambient loop system and how the system will interact with the buildings the system will connect to.

“Lastly, we want to say a huge thank you to the wonderful team at Silver EMS, who bring such incredible diversity, experience, technical excellence and enthusiasm, all of which are essential ingredients for success in this project and for our continued growth as a business.

“Thank you, ADE. This award is very much appreciated by us all…”

ADE Awards 2020-21 Winner