Islington’s Net Zero pathway with GreenSCIES

In 2019, the London Borough of Islington declared a climate emergency and in 2020 adopted its Vision 2030 strategy to reach net zero carbon.

The council is responsible for just 9% of the borough’s emissions which means it will need to coordinate collective action with residents and businesses to reduce the remaining 91% of total borough emissions , as well as influence and lobby central government to ensure net zero support is available.

The pathway, the council’s Vision 2030 strategy, to net zero carbon is divided on a number of different workstreams, each one of them supported by individual projects. The GreenSCIES detailed design project has been adopted as one of the most important infrastructure projects to deliver affordable heat and reduce carbon emissions in the borough. Low-carbon heat and energy networks are vital to a net zero future as they are the foundations of the infrastructure that would allow present and future buildings, to benefit from the latest low carbon technologies.

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Islington's first council EV Islington EV being charged