Testing EVs and energy systems

The increasing focus on whole energy systems combining heat, power and mobility, is fuelling rapid innovation across the sector. New energy efficient products are being developed, which are enhanced by transformative control systems to maximise value.

Challenges for companies developing software which communicate with numerous brands/types of product is access to kit for testing without investing in extensive infrastructure. This is particularly challenging for SMEs, who only need to validate the results without long-term asset need.

Hangar19 has two living lab solutions which will help organisations overcome these challenges:

  1. Electric vehicle test centre – containing 12 brands/types of charging points, including three V2G units, for testing vehicles and charging point communications.
  2. Energy system living lab – in addition to the electric vehicle testing, we have solar PV, batteries and electric heating which can all be controlled and tested with a range of products.

See Hangar19’s Living Lab website for more details

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