News: National Saturday Club Masterclass – Green Energy and the Street

On January 30th GreenSCIES partner, Cullinan Studio, was pleased to host an online National Saturday Club Masterclass for the Nottingham Trent University Club of 13-16 year old students from the Nottingham area.

The masterclass drew on the cross-disciplinary and future-facing brief of the GreenSCIES project, which is looking at innovative ways of integrating green energy infrastructure in a dense urban setting.

The Club members were tasked with taking this brief and creating a ‘mollage’ (model + collage = mollage) exploring how distribution piping could playfully integrate into the street. There were some wonderful, creative interpretations; from an integrated community pizza oven to hanging gardens of edible greenery. One club member commented “I don’t think I’d ever thought that I would have a say in what’s being built around me, but today has made me realise I actually should have my say.”

Mollage by Sophie

Greta's mollage

Adriana's Mollage

Mubbashara Mollage

Cullinan partner Kristina Roszynski observed “In this challenging time for young people, we relished the opportunity to support the programme and its aims to bring art and design to students from different backgrounds. We look forward to welcoming Club members back to our studio in the future!”

About the National Saturday Club
The National Saturday Club Masterclasses programme connects Clubs with an extensive national network of industry experts, giving members and tutors rare access to some of the UK’s most creative minds. It also showcases the way in which the skills developed at a Saturday Club can be applied in the real world.

For many members, their Masterclass experience is the moment they realise that their passions and interests have the potential to develop into fulfilling and rewarding careers.