Planning for a low carbon future

A heat network built today will still be working in 20 years’ time, which is why it is important to plan for a lower carbon future. So GreenSCIES is looking to using highly efficient heat pumps, powered by greener electricity, including PV panels on selected buildings’ roofs. These will form part of a Smart Local Energy System, able to match the demand for power with the availability of lower cost, low carbon electricity.

Consortio Ltd is modelling how this will affect the project’s business plan, ensuring that residents of estates supplied by GreenSCIES get clean and secure power at the lowest possible cost. This creates opportunities for trading surplus energy, either buying electricity to power heat pumps or charge EVs when there is plenty, or using stored energy (as heat or in batteries) to reduce demand at times when supplies are constrained. Consortio’s BankEnergi solution can help optimise the use of energy, allowing trading in several energy markets to meet the demands of residents, businesses and energy suppliers, generating income that can reduce the cost of heat and power for all.

More information about trading in a smart local energy system can be found on the BankEnergi website

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