Replication of smart local energy systems and city energy transformation

More than 70% of councils across the UK have declared a climate emergency – with many setting stretching targets to achieve net zero by 2030, well before the UK’s legally binding target of 2050 comes into play. Some are in the very earliest stages of that journey, discovering what it might mean to their town, city or community and getting to grips with their baseline data as a starting point. Others are further along and, in dialogue with their local community, are moving the dial away from political declaration towards action planning.

E.ON has been partnering with cities and regions across the UK and Europe for more than 30 years to support their sustainable energy and decarbonisation targets. We are working with Islington Council and other members of the GreenSCIES Consortium to understand how the learnings from this pioneering project can be used to replicate smart, local energy systems elsewhere in the UK. Successful replication will not only include delivery of innovative low carbon energy technologies, but also tangible creation of social value and development of a supportive policy environment which helps to drive the transition to net zero.

More information can be found on the E.ON website.

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