Event: Sharing the GreenSCIES Community Co-Design Process

GreenSCIES Process Diagram
GreenSCIES Process Diagram

Speaking at a recent meeting of the Sustainable Innovation in Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps (SIRACH) Network, Sahiba Chadha, architect partner at GreenSCIES partner, Cullinan Studios, shared the co-design process that has been developed to help engineer value into the GreenSCIES concept design.

Sahiba outlined how the co-design strategy, which is a core principle of the project, had been defined, how community stakeholders had been identified and engaged and the iterative process that was being employed to listen and respond to the local community’s interests and concerns.

She described how the GreenSCIES technical design team were taking a holistic view of Islington’s existing infrastructure in order to fully understand how the new energy system might fit into the public realm/space.
The emerging design strategy for ‘engineering value’ into the scheme from concept level involves sharing the design options with stakeholders and testing them against each other. She said that a number of community engagement events had already taken place, with more being planned, to continue to inform the design process.

Residents and members of the Islington community interested in getting involved and learning more about GreenSCIES are encouraged to make contact with the project. See also How to get involved