South London Low Carbon Innovation Network launch

Low Carbon Network
London South Bank University (LSBU) and Big South London have launched a new Low Carbon Innovation Network, a dynamic networking and business development programme bringing together businesses and researchers from across the low carbon and sustainability sector in South London. This will build on some of the knowledge gained in the GreenSCIES project.

In the face of growing business uncertainty, LSBU and BIG South London have developed a fully funded network to provide sector-specific expertise, mentoring and insight, to boost local industry. The war in Ukraine and consequent energy crisis have put even more importance on low carbon energy (and demand minimisation) and there had never been a more important time to invest in the sector.

By joining the network businesses will benefit from a bespoke programme of workshops to support business challenges, peer-to-peer learning, networking, and one-to-one mentoring with leading academics providing cutting-edge insights on future industry developments. The workshop series will tackle topics such as digital transformation, business resilience, skills and talent development and bid writing. Businesses can also benefit from a bespoke business diagnostic and expert support in the design of a plan to achieve growth, boost resilience and optimise innovation.

Dr Akos Revesz and Professor Graeme Maidment, specialists in low carbon renewable and secondary energy utilisation for heating and cooling applications from London South Bank University, are leading the programme.

Dr Revesz said: “The objectives of the Low Carbon Innovation Network are twofold. We want to build a local ecosystem of practitioners and researchers from across the sustainability sector in South London to overcome common challenges and share opportunities and best practices. We also want to provide bespoke mentoring and a full training programme to upskill the workforce, improve business resilience, increase innovation and create growth. The Low Carbon Network is open to organisations developing solutions from electric vehicle charging, smart home devices, heating and cooling networks, and renewable energy – to green finance, design and architectural services and the circular economy.”

Graeme Maidment inspecting a solar panel on the roof of K2