What do we mean by Vehicle to Grid?

Vehicle-to-Grid technology, or V2G has been a buzz word in the industry for a number of years now. It is often perceived as a future technology that will be realised in a distant, green, utopian future. However, this view is now being challenged as we begin to see V2G being deployed at scale and its benefits demonstrated in the here and now. V2G enables electric vehicles to become mobile storage assets, optimising electricity use and supporting the wider grid all whilst the electric vehicle owner remains in control of when their vehicle is ready to use. Cenex has been researching this technology since its early beginnings. The technology has now improved significantly, and costs reduced to a point where large scale trials are taking place and wider adoption is only a few years away.
For further resources on V2G technology and to learn how Cenex could help you reduce emission through innovation in transport and energy infrastructure see: Cenex | Low Emission Vehicle Research & Consultancy

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