• Tackle fuel poverty by providing a reduction in energy costs

  • Deliver a blueprint for a resilient, smart, financially attractive and self-sustainable network

  • Deliver low environmental impact through reduced carbon emissions and improved air quality

  • Create a Centre of Excellence for innovation in local energy systems

What Is GreenSCIES?


Green Smart Community Integrated Energy Systems

GreenSCIES will deliver a detailed design for a smart energy system that integrates new low carbon energy technologies across heat, power and mobility.

Innovative technical and business model approaches will be developed for the provision of smart energy systems that significantly reduce carbon emissions and result in significantly smaller bills for the consumer. The smart energy grid will also help provide affordable warmth and lower local pollution, with a clear path for replication elsewhere in the UK.

This will be a community-based project with wide stakeholder engagement including local residents and businesses but also with policy makers and replicators.

GreenSCIES is an entirely innovative ground-breaking project that will provide an investable low carbon scheme unique in the UK.

How GreenSCIES Works

The detailed design will provide an ultra-low 5th generation heat network with distributed low carbon heat pumps to supply heating/cooling using an ambient loop to exchange energy between buildings, enabling recovery of low-grade waste heat from data centres and the London Underground.

Each of the decentralised energy centres will provide hubs for photovoltaic (PV) electricity generation, electric vehicles and vehicle-to-grid charging/storage alongside large scale batteries. The hubs can then be used for Demand Side Response to flex with the electricity grid requirements/tariffs using a sophisticated artificial intelligence control system. This will be the first large smart energy system in the UK that integrates energy technologies across heat, power and transport, allowing widescale replication

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