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Our consortium has experience in large infrastructure projects, heating and cooling networks, renewable energy, artificial intelligence, developing new business models and engagement with local communities.

GreenSCIES is funded by Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) through the Government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund on Prospering From the Energy Revolution. The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund brings together the UK’s word-leading research with business to meet the major industrial and societal changes of our time.

Find out more on: www.ukri.org/innovation/industrial-strategy-challenge-fund/prospering-from-the-energy-revolution/

Our Team

London South Bank University

The Heating and Cooling group in the School of Engineering will lead the GreenSCIES project. LSBU expertise investigating low carbon technologies including transport refrigeration, data centre cooling and heat recovery, supermarket refrigerated cabinets, and heat recovery from Transport for London underground tunnels will be instrumental to the project success.

Find out more on: www.lsbu.ac.uk

London Borough of Islington (LBI)

LONDON BOROUGH OF ISLINGTON is the leading local authority for developing and operating energy networks. Islington has operated the Bunhill heat network for over three years. The network has been recently expanded to incorporate waste heat recovered from London Underground to supply residential buildings.

Find out more on: https://www.islington.gov.uk/heatnetwork

Transport for London

TRANSPORT FOR LONDON is responsible for the Greater London transport system and include the wholly-owned subsidiary London Underground. Cooling the Tube has been an integral part of the capital delivery programme for over ten years as temperatures rise due to increased service, air-conditioned trains and climate change.

Find out more on: tfl.gov.uk


E.ON is an international, energy solutions provider, focussing on distributed energy, energy efficiency, local energy systems, sustainable cities, district solutions, and the electrification of energy consumption. E.ON City Energy Solutions operates over 250 heating and cooling networks across Europe, with more than 45 district heating and cooling networks in the UK, delivering energy to more than 25,000 customers.

Find out more on: www.eonenergy.com

Carbon Descent Projects (CD)

CARBON DESCENT PROJECTS is an environmental consultancy and software company with expertise in creating strategies to deliver measurably reduced carbon footprints. CD has extensive experience developing techno-economic modelling of district heating and cooling networks.

Find out more on: www.carbondescent.org.uk

Building Low Carbon Solutions

Building Low Carbon Solutions

BUILDING ENERGY SOLUTIONS is an independent energy consultancy that performs building energy research and development. A leading specialist on energy efficiency in buildings BES will quantify the capital costs of the 5th generation heating and cooling network implementation.

Grid Edge

GRID EDGE is a spin-out company from Aston University focussing on intelligent energy management using artificial intelligence software. Grid Edge is currently producing a smart control strategy for a CHP-trigeneration micro grid involving integration with a district heating network, and a two-way electric-vehicle charging and demand-side management.

Find out more on: www.gridedge.co.uk

Carbon Data Resources

CARBON DATA RESOURCES is a consultancy with extensive experience working with businesses throughout Europe on resource efficiency and developing alternative business models to support the shift towards a low carbon, circular economy.

Repowering London

REPOWERING LONDON works with local authorities, schools and commercial partners to empower communities to fund, install and manage their own clean, local energy, building resilient communities and promoting technological innovation.

Find out more on: www.repowering.org.uk


CONSORTIO is a consultancy specialising in a complete management approach to all aspects of energy and sustainability from business development, bid and proposal writing, workshop facilitation, supplier evaluation, site surveys and audits, training, building modelling, project management, report writing and project delivery.

Find out more on: www.ivees.co.uk

Cullinan Studio

CULLINAN STUDIO engages with organisations and communities seeking local, low-carbon solutions. Cullinan has coordinated infrastructure, architecture and public realm on three energy centre and district heat network projects: Islington Bunhill II, University of Warwick’s Cryfield and University of St Andrews’ Guardbridge.

Find out more on: www.cullinanstudio.com

Silver EMS

Silver EMS (SEMS) are a leading energy consultancy providing specialist community heating, district heating and energy centre design, building services consultancy and district energy facilities and management services. SEMS have designed multiple community heat networks, including West King Street Hammersmith, a mixed-use development incorporating an open loop ground source heat pump, supplying distributed heating and cooling to the site and have also provided development support to LBI’s Bunhill II 4th generation heat network.

Find out more on: www.silverems.com


CENEX, the UK’s centre of excellence for low carbon and fuel cell technologies, is a not-for-profit, research organisation, delivering projects for public and private sector clients, focussing on low carbon vehicles and infrastructure. Cenex undertakes research into market dynamics, including electric vehicles (EV), advising the UK Government on technical standards for EV charging and manages the National Chargepoint Registry.

Find out more on: www.cenex.co.uk

Hanger 19

HANGAR 19 develop sustainable transport systems focusing on EV charging systems. H19 supply energy control systems and innovative solutions for constrained grid supplies and workplace charging, working with e.g. Schneider Electric, Nissan, Nichicon. H19 brings expertise on V2G integration, EV charging hardware & control system delivery plans, supporting detailed technical design and flexibility modelling.

Find out more on: www.hangar-19.com

West Midlands Combined Authority

WEST MIDLANDS COMBINED AUTHORITY Energy Capital is a business-led public-private partnership within WMCA, pioneering the concept of Energy Innovation Zones (EIZs) across the West Midlands with partners, and is developing a national template for EIZs. WMCA is also working with Black Country Consortium and Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council to procure new energy infrastructure, by directing and financing energy infrastructure investment ‘ahead of demand’ where justified by strategic or economic benefits.

Find out more on: www.wmca.org.uk

Our Local Community

The GreenSCIES detailed design for a smart energy network will focus on the London Borough of Islington and will connect 33,000 residents and nearly 70 businesses. The aim is to co-design the network with the local community and several community engagement workshops will be carried out to inform residents and other stakeholders about the project and its benefits. Focus groups will include resident champions and collaboration participants who will participate in the detailed design, ensuring it is truly co-designed.

Two GreenSCIES feasibility studies will be carried out in Sandwell in the West Midlands and in Sheffield City Region to potentially connect 52,000 residents and over 100 business. These feasibility studies will also involve the local communities and will demonstrate the replicability of the GreenSCIES concept in other urban locations in the UK.

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